Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Wikipedia defines CrossFit as “functional movements that are constantly varied with high intensity." Wait, what? That’s just a fancy way of saying you do different exercises quickly, at a set amount of repetitions within a set amount of time. These movements are meant to reinforce and strengthen the way the body moves. The workouts combine elements of Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and more to give you a total body workout in less than an hour. CrossFit is an extremely effective strength and conditioning program that makes you a leaner, stronger, faster and more toned version of yourself. Start chiseling.
'Rx' refers to performing a workout as written or 'as prescribed'. Many people will instead "scale" a workout, or modify the workout to their current athletic ability.
WOD, or Workout of the Day, refers to the daily workout. All classes in a day will do the same WOD. The workout will be posted on Facebook, Wodify and on our website the evening before. Each WOD will typically be comprised of a warm-up, a strength piece, and a MetCon, or Metabolic Conditioning piece.
Yes, you do and don't worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in Foundations class where you will be in a comfortable learning environment alongside others who are just starting themselves. Once you "graduate", you will never be without guidance during a regular CrossFit class. Barbell work is an integral piece in CrossFit and many people end up falling in love with Olympic lifting once they get to know the ins-and-outs. If your coach and you decide to step away from barbell, for any reason, one could always scale to use a kettle bell or dumbbell.
No. Just no. CrossFitters hear this all the time. Unless that is what you are deliberately training for, you will NOT get bulky. What WILL happen is you will get leaner, stronger, and faster. You will lose fat, gain muscle, and start talking about your gym-related conquests in the office. (That’s the whole point, right?)
CrossFit is unlike any other fitness program in that it combines several elements from bootcamps, Olympic lifts, gymnastics and so on, and throws it all into a great community environment. We truly believe it is the most effective way to get fit & healthy. Plus, you won't find any other sport as engaging. The camaraderie is what makes it so special - nowhere else will you hear the loudest cheers for the last person to finish.We know it may not be for everyone however, so join a free trial to be sure.
You don't need much else other than your game face and the dedication to keep showing up. Come in and come often. Bring comfortable clothes, shoes, and a water bottle. We'll provide the rest.
This depends on your individual goals, which we'll talk about at the beginning and throughout your membership. But come as often as possible. Knowing everyone's schedule varies, we hope you come at least 3 times a week and stick with it for as long as possible in order to begin to see actual results.
Drop-ins are more than welcome, just sign up and come in 10-15 minutes before to get acquainted and quickly demo the movement for the day.