Ready to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit?

We know CrossFit can come off as intimidating. We admit it, handling a barbell for the first time can seem daunting. Its why we offer a one-on-one course dedicated solely to getting you comfortable with the equipment, the movements, and the terminology used in a CrossFit class. Rest assured that after this course you will feel completely prepared to take on CrossFit!

You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.

What makes CrossFit special. Its clear, in this market, you can choose an array of gyms and at-home equipment to satisfy your fitness goals. We, however believe CrossFit brings it all – a total body workout focusing on increasing strength and speed in the most supportive environment. Your fellow athletes become your best cheerleaders. Top it all off with a trainer dedicated to seeing you improve every single day. Personal trainers can easily charge $100 per session! Why not get the same results, but surrounded with a small group of like-minded people for a fraction of the cost? Yeah, we couldn’t think of a good reason either.

Strength Training
Metabolic Conditioning

What you should expect from this course. Our Foundations course is spread out through 3 classes. Each class will cover a variety of movements, however each will focus on specifically: squats, presses, or Olympic lifts. Each Foundations will mimic how a regular CrossFit class is laid out: a warm up, followed by a strength-focused session, finishing up with a ‘metcon’, (short for metabolic conditioning – this is where you will sweat!). Our trainers will talk you through not only the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ of each movement – you will understand why CrossFit is a “functional” fitness regimen. Its about moving your body in a natural and healthy way.

Ready to learn CrossFit?

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Foundational PT aka CrossFit 101

$180 for 3 sessions

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For those new to the sport, learn the ins and outs of CrossFit.

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