Membership Policies

  • Members must be courteous and respectful to others.
  • Please pick up after yourself! Return and wipe down your equipment after each class.
  • Be mindful of where you choose to work out. Face the same direction as others, share equipment as necessary, and clear your area s quickly as possible to allow the next class to begin on time.
  • New members are encouraged to start with a Foundations Course. Unless you have Olympic Lifting experience and/or you are currently a 3+ day per week CrossFitter, the Foundations Course is the best place for you to begin.
  • Membership fees are charged automatically on the first day of your membership each month by credit/debit/EFT/ACH. You must give 30-days written notice via the Hold/Cancellation Form on Wodify to cancel or make membership changes prior to the first of the month or you will be charged for that month. No exceptions.
  • You may freeze your membership for up to three months in a calendar year. If you freeze in excess of three months, you will need to re-join at current class rates when you decide to¬† return to Great State.