Yes, CrossFit can help you improve in your “sport” outside the box

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A member recently relayed her “surprise fitness” story to me.

She took her puppy for a three-mile run for the first time – she hadn’t ran in months herself and was really nervous to get out there. She’s newer to CrossFit and had been coming to the box three times a week for about 3 months. While she was getting her strength training and metabolic conditioning in, with the harsh winters here in Wisconsin, we really hadn’t programmed much running. With all this in mind, she hit the road and…killed it! She felt great and was not at all “winded” as she had feared. (The pupper didn’t fare as well, but he’s young yet!)

The “magic” happening in the gym –

Our member was pleasantly surprised and just that much more excited about what we do in the gym. This truly speaks to CrossFit’s model. In CrossFit, workouts are designed to increasingly challenge your body to perform at its peak. Typically, the class is structured to begin with a strength-focused section and ending with high intensity intervals – this last section is meant to test your aerobic capacity, among other things. As your aerobic fitness increases, generally your aerobic capacity (the amount of oxygen transported to your muscles) also increases. This translates into your body being able to perform at this high level for longer. This, of course, transfers perfectly into other activities, such as running, biking and swimming. It’s no wonder athletes of all dedications routinely include CrossFit or similar high intensity interval style workouts into their regimen.

If you’re interested in implementing CrossFit into your current fitness routine or are curious how CrossFit can help you attain your goals, we invite you to try it free for a week. To learn more, click here.

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